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Lunar Horse Bars

2014 is the Lunar year of the Horse, occurring once per decade. An auspicious occasion for the Chinese, there will be large celebrations internationally. To mark the occasion Harrods Gold Bullion has introduced a Chinese Lunar Horse version of their minted gold bars. Produced by PAMP SA, the 999.9 fine bars are available in 5g, 1oz and 100g weights making an interesting alternative to our Fortuna range. They are priced for investment but also make a wonderful gift.

  • Fineness: 999.9 fine gold.
  • Design: The bars do not bear a Harrods logo/seal. They are all Lunar Horse design. Please see images opposite.
  • Serial numbers: Each bar is stamped with its own unique serial number.
  • Prices: We do not quote prices for bullion bars or coins on this site. For a price enquiry please contact us.

If you would like to find out more, or make an appointment to purchase, then please contact us. Products are all subject to availability.